Buggy Replay and Battle Invitations auto-declined

I play via Kongregate.

  1. Replays, after replays I’m finding I cannot dismiss the pop-up sometimes. Clicking OK does not dismiss it and I have to refresh.

This has happened multiple times, but not every time and I have been unable to reproduce it now that I am writing up the bug.

  1. All my invitations to other players are auto-declined. Several people are affected by this bug. I tried challenging multiple people in chat for 1v1 or 2v2 or 3v3. Invitation is declined automatically with players who say they have Battle Invitations enabled. I am auto-declining theirs as well even though my Battle Invitations are enabled.

I previously sent a request to Sarah about this, I even provided video evidence via youtube. But the glitch still remains.

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Which glitch did you have also? Are you a Kong player too ?

Dark is indeed also an kong player for your information.

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Can you all send me your User ID?


true happens to me more often, but I could not prove it.

shit happens

What platform are you playing on?

Can I have your User ID number?

ID… 38513394 öäöüüo