Bugged legacy items

Well this is the problem at the beginning of this update I opened a box and because of my bad Internet connection I could not see its contents and I had to restart the page after that I opened a few more boxes and I went to my inventory to see the statistics of my new items and find out what I won in the first box in that I find three items that I did not have before and had the legacy status after investigating discovered that the items with that status are the items prior to the Current update but I did not have those items before the actualicazion and I think they are the objects that came out of the first box and I know that we are objects prior to the update because if they were open I tried to improve these are the objects:

P.D: sorry for my bad english i used google translate

still waiting for help

No boxes currently give mythical or legacy items.

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mean those boxes they gave at the beginning of the update that boxes give legendary and mythicals and im not sure but i think that items does not exist previous the update