Bugged Electric DMG


Hi Guys I would like to report something that is happening to me and I dislike it enough because I lose several games’, for a few hours I have been playing some games with my diamond shell tanky, you know 30 resistors and electric shield, drone de raparacion Etc, well I have found against mechs that use the axes and electric hammers electric legs the new and buneo cunaod use everything to lower me resistances leave me as in 8 resistance but cunando they hit me with the legs they do me from 105-115 damage And does not make sense because its base damage is 65 plus if I have 8 electric resistance should be reduced to 57 and the drones with damage of approximately 25-41 have done me up to 65 damage and this does not seem anything normal and it was not Only once but 3 times in a row and that annoys a bit and I would like to report it to buno it was all thanks for reading and I hope it will be resolved soon or give me a reply grx…


If the enemy was able to decrease your energy and hit you with another energy weapon then supposedly the energy damage would be added to the base damage. Same story on energy drones.


Thank you friend but I had faced electric mechs before and this began to happen yesterday and I checked it in the campaign and it is the same also I did a test the first hit I gave in the game was with the mythical legs that I mention in the post And instead of doing 65 that is the base damage cause you between 100-135 and if what you mentioned me was correct at least from my perspective there should be a description of that, but I really like your answer and thanks for reading the post.


I think they actually should add that description to energy items :confused:


And another fact that I forget to mention is that at least with the electric flamethrowers `` ColdFire’’ this increased damage does not happen


If you are right but that would return too strong to electric mechs that are based on wear and tear because they could endure more and their damage would increase unlimited


I don’t speak your language but I tried my best

Así que realmente debería. No es el wiki, pero ha sido mucho tiempo que se actualizó.


sorry my error y use traductor i forgot copy the mensage traduced :stuck_out_tongue: