Bug with new heat titan


I just used all 3 attacks on the new titan and observed that at the end of each attack turn that when each time my energy regen’ed my cooling did not. In fact during all attacks my cooling never kicked in once yet my energy would regen.

Can I get some help with this?


The titan drains cap and cooling.
Brought me to 280-something from over 350 cooling.

Also,cooling doesn’t ‘‘regen’’.
Either you manually shut down your mech or it shuts down itself the turn after it gets overheated.


What? (I know all about certain weapons reduce my cooling ability)
In battle at the end of each full attack sequence your cooling and energy regen take effect.

I watched my energy go back up yet my heat didn’t go down.
I’m level 150 and battled this long enough to know how it works … It is NOT working.


Well… yeah. You got it wrong. Your energy regens at the end of the turn.
Heat cools down at the start of the turn if you over heated.


Heat will only go down manually or forcefully (overheat).
Energy regeneration is automatic, happens at the end of every turn.


Holly carp (misspelled on purpose)
How have I made it this long and not notice that simple game mechanic?
Guess I don’t come across as many heat issues to have paid attention this whole time.
Thank you for pointing out what should have been obvious.