Bug When Placing a Colony


When you are placing a colony, there is an awkward bug that, the loading bar gets stuck, and i have to close the game and re-enter. Its really annoying.

Tacticsoft please fix this :wink:


Yeah this happens sometimes… Not sure why, but I intend to find out. :slight_smile:


This ALWAYS happens to me on every single world


This used to happen to me every time on my old laptop, but hasn’t affected me on my new PC . Mabye it’s PC specs?


Happens to me as well, it’s very annoying indeed. Especially when I’m on slow wifi and I have to reload.


Its not PC specs i have a very very nice gaming computer


Hmmmm well idk. It is strange though.


Same here, I got a custom rig and It happens to me 10\10 times


Right so… Our PC’s might be TOO good then! Someone test it with their old, crappy laptop!


yea it happend to me too


Any common patterns anyone noticed?

Could it be the cache or a certain browser?


It doesnt happen Always… For me only certain times… i thought it was my stinky internet :astonished:


Both Firefox and Chrome for me, happens both after clearing cache and after… not clearing cache.


I noticed it doesn’t do it when I use TOR broswer


I can’t play BD on TOR it doesn’t let me


You have to re-download adobe flash and allow it in TOR’s settings. Then go to another settings page and allow plugins to run without asking (as this breaks BD).


I can send you screenshots if you want.


Please, that would be very helpful :slight_smile: If you need my Skype to send them, I would happily give to you.


Yea sure what’s your skype


shark.striker :slight_smile: