Bug Update: Keyboard and Clan Wars


If you are on the Android you might be experiencing an issue where you can’t open your keyboard on the login screen.
Please go to the Google play store and update your app. This will fix the issue.

This update also includes the prize display bug in the clan wars for Android and Web.
iOS will be released shortly.

Everyone should be on version 7400.

Good luck!


Out of likes so here’s an image image


So this …

… should be history now hopefully :exclamation:

We will let you know after next Clan War results :exclamation:



iOS will release shortly she said.
No love for iphone users,sad


Not true. iPhone has a different submission process then the other platforms. They take sometimes days to approve our versions. So it is out of our hands.


I mean do iphone users deserve content or updates at all really?



Why are you sad???

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No support for iOS,why not just finish them at the same time.

And for yeet: iOS dont deserve that.
I don’t get it.

Oops wait I saw Sarah’s message,big damn moment

thank god im in PC , but sometimes i play on the phone thanks Sarah :slight_smile:

However, it isnt an important update. There are other important problems that not solved.

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It’s a reply to Yeet

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@Steve come here get updated…

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Thanks bro.

I updated the app and it worked. Thank you.

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Like? Send me a message.

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@Sarah247 I am still not gonna forget my relic box it’s been a month since I got my S+ box…

I don’t play on phone anymore.

And I’m reducing my PC SM hours,as well.
You know my reasons well enough.

For now,I’ve been more than successful.

Like drop rates.
And like the items.The unfairness in the arena,the instability.
And like quality of events.
Like the work for game mode we do and get minimum reward.

Titan hard as you can to get a pack full of epics every 4 MONTHS only if you put maximum effort into doing it.
Sales and money events that are unaccessible and flood the game.
Items and items that are either useless or completely unfair and break the game,like the Frantic that needs no brain or the EMP that wastes all the effort for nothing.Or the Unstable Power thing that is straight up an aberration.
Like the hundreds of tokens and dollars we spend for epics.
Like the game we once loved and is no more.


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@ Sarah247

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That’s my clan. I definitely know this for a fact

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