Bug Report WS-1

Hi hi~
Now it is possible to remove the torso~

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I need information about this.
Are you using Pc or phone?

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Hi hi~
I’ll try it on the phone~

It’s probably visual bug.
Try clearing cockies.

To be honest,that bug isn’t that important or that dangerous
And i can see his troso,soo it’s gotta be it.

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Just a visual bug dude.
Should be fixed if you just refresh page.


The refreashing of the page usually works then it should show hey but at least it’s not your mech :grinning:

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I already deleted the cookies ~
if it works on the cell phone ~
First, remove the feet and save the mech ~
(you put PVP and then Raid to save the mech)
Then you go back to the workshop and you take off your torso ~
(only works if you have 1 mech)

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Although it is not important~