Bug prevents new players from playing

So you remember when I said I occasionally create new accounts to look for interesting things?(like how you are gauranteed to get iron boots when you defeat Ramboy for the first time).

Well I decided to do a little more research and I found this.

You know what this is? It’s the tutorial, and for some weird reason the gold somehow got to -400, meaning I can’t fuse my torso. WHICH IS A MANDATORY PART OF THE TUTORIAL.

Do you know what this means? It means that some new players may encounter this bug which will prevent them from playing the game.

This affects everyone because if new players can’t get into the game then there will be less people in pvp which means longer queue times. That’s how it affects top players

The way it affects TS however is obvious. New player can’t play -> new player can’t pay -> TS can’t profit off of new player -> loss of potential money.

So fixing this issue is pretty dang important, because literally EVERYONE has something to gain.

Just wanted to put this out there.

yeah dude , nice try to reset your level.

it wont affect new players , since they just started and dont have an account with some boxes bought already

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new players dont encounter this error as its due to the cost of the box rising as you buy it.

Stick to one account and all will be fine.


Ok thanks didn’t know that.

Btw I don’t even know how to lower my lvl.

to get back to your original account clear cookies.