Bug or can someone tell me whats goin on

it says reconnecting everytime i log into my account and im 1000% no one has my info bc ive never given it out so i want to know whats goin on because i cant play sm when it kicks me out everytime


i can get into my acc but not arena without it saying the same thing


I have same issue currently, but mine is only when I try to play Arena, so I’m just grinding Campaign instead lmao

i just wanna go into chat

well then im guessing servers are down. prolly adding a new update

same issue here, arena clan and campaign are all broken, and after reloading I cant get into my acc

same … can enter only raid, campain and workshop :thinking:

well it cant be someone gettin into your guys accounts bc i managed to change my pass just now and its still happening

i have clicked reshrech 50 times litterally and won’t let me in chat when i click arena

@Alexander can you explain please if you have the chance?

hopefully its fixed soon because i still have to grind out 6 legendarys

New update 1200000% crit chance for frantics and bonus backfire addon

One can only hope for such greatness in one update

so frantics are getting slightly buffed and slightly nerfed?i think i read that wrong

our only hope is a new update so pls be some good update

how long do i have to wait to reply to post after i did 3 replies in a disscusion?

Frantics don’t backfire and backfire addon applies to weps that already have backfire

nvm i know now sorry this forum acc is 15 minutes old

finnaly Frantic will have consequence when shooting lmao

I know right frantic are really annoying when played againest but when you use them the tables are turned