Bug? I can't get anymore free items boxes every 6 hours

Since yesterday I can’t get anymore free item boxes.

Before there was a countdown and every 6 hours it was available a free item box…

but now I see a small yellow icon (showing a 9+ number) in the top right corner of the SHOP button…
and when I open the shop menu there is another small yellow icon (showing a -3 number) in the top right corner of the ITEM BOXES panel…

When I click “CLAIM” it shows this screenshot
(sorry, I merged 3 screenshots because as new user I can upload only 1 picture per post)

I’ve been waitng for 18 hours… and those small yellow icons are still there.
I logged out and logged in several times and I deleted my browser cache and cookies as well (I use Firefox) but the issue still happens.

How can I fix it?
Thanks in advance.

My inventory is NOT full (I still have more than 30 slots empty) and I don’t have unclaimed boxes.

Can you send me your User ID? I will look into this.

My user ID is AntaniXXX.

User ID is numbers. You can find it in setting then info.

Sorry… Antani is the nickname… my player ID is 30732778

Not sure if this is an useful information, but now the small number in the yellow icon (top right corner of item boxes) changed… it’s a -2 (few minutes ago it was a -3)

Some hours later the number is a -1… still no free item boxes available.

A sort of countdown?

Seems to be fixed now.
The yellow icon is gone and I have successfully claimed 2 free item boxes.

Great! Glad to hear!