Bug - Claiming Season Reward

You know how when sometimes in campaign you recieve a box and it says your inventory is full so it will go to unclaimed but it doesn’t? Maybe the same disconnection stops the reward box just like campaign boxes and will only go to unclaimed after the glitch if the connection has returned like sometimes.

Anyone else agree?


De hecho el manual fue hecho porque antes del update, casi nadie usaba la App para recolectar tokens, o simplemente había un gran desconocimiento, pero con este update aumentaron el total de 30 a 60, lo que hace muy atractiva la App en lugar de opciones como Supersonic o personal.ly.
< Algo de paciencia y realmente se junta mucho para aprovechar lo recolectado en eventos.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Same here @WinzKay re keeping open slots in inventory

But re"

maybe the same disconnection stops the reward box just like campaign boxes and will only go to unclaimed after the glitch if the connection has returned like sometimes

No I do not agree - 1) that wasn’t the situation on my 2 accounts. 2) Support has already told me -

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my inventory always has space because I don’t have much items…

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So u got your league reward in the end?

That’s true, if the server connection is cut off
for example playing campaign, the rewards
neither are they obtained, they are lost… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Regardless of whether our internet works,
the server always accuses, the connection fails of player :sweat:

Let’s hope they fix this in the next few days :roll_eyes:

Just logged on - YES IT IS :heart_eyes:

Jess (Tacticsoft)

Jan 17, 12:07 IST

I added the boxes and then signed into your account to check if they were added.
They are there.
Good luck!

:rofl: Myth food - Leg Reckless Beam & Leg Wendigo

And my items, when do I receive them?

I have left tests, and I cooperate with sm reporting errors since 2014,
they should keep me in mind, just ask Liran for my nick, he knows me.

Thank you

I got them as well, but… only 2 epics#_#

Uhmm, dude iam not a dev or anything like that😂

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Thanks, Sarah247!
Now it`s better.
but i still think there need be more bug fixes.

So, there is another bug i’d like to see fixed. Boxes u earned in campaign that should go into "unclaimed boxes"if u r over items limit disappear.

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when you get the first box (that will disappear), check the unclaimed boxes place, it prevents other boxes of disapearing. Works for me…

Can you specify with an image? :hushed:
would be very useful for everyone, thank you :smiley:

I think there’s also a bug that whenever I level up I don’t receive the tokens and the coins,only the refill,and I only receive them when I refresh the game…or is it also fixed?

If you play from pc http://www.supermechs.com/
you should not have problems.

But if you do it on mobile from the app, you should update.

I think the inventory limit still blocks it :exclamation:

Not really…Got plenty of space in my inventory and still didn’t get them items.Also pm’ed @Sarah247 and no response yet.
Idk what’s with this bug but I could really use those couple items rn…

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Hi, @Sarah247, I do not know what happened when I was doing 1vs1 when I finished I waited for the rewards but in the end they did not give me anything, I checked my inventory very well and I only had the same as always I had already fought in the sand and everything so as not to lose the box and I do not have I did not ask anything to help my friends and I told them everything and he told me to say it to you, can you please? I hate this type of bug :confused:

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