Bug - Claiming Season Reward


It looks like we have an issue that when you collect your season box. The game freezes.
When you refresh the you will already have the items in your inventory.
This bug only affects the claiming animation.
The team is working to fix this issue for the next release.
We appreciate your patience.
Thank you to everyone that reported this.


I raised this with support, I did not receive my awards at all.
I was told that they are in my workshop, they were not. This is not fair.

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Thank you for your attention to this. @Sarah247

Even though I do appreciate the prompt response I received from [email protected] (not 27 minutes ago )

I was told :

Jess (Tacticsoft)

Jan 14, 11:27 IST

Thank you for writing in and reporting this bug.
It looks like we have an issue that when you collect your season box. The game does freeze.
When you refresh you will already have the items in your inventory.
This bug only affects the claiming animation.
The team is working to fix this issue for the next release.
We appreciate your patience.

Even though - what i posted in the ticket - was exactly wat i posted here https://tacticsoft.discoursehosting.net/t/tournament-awards-glitched-not-received/10301?u=benitobathsalts


So i have responded with:

Thank you for your response -
However that is not correct -
As I have Stated in the forums Tournament Awards Glitched (not received)

  • as well as in this initial ticket

On 2 seperate accounts - 1 on supermechs.com - 1 on kongregate.com

On both always maintain sufficient space by at least 20 - 30 slots in inventory.

Upon “refresh” there were no items labeled as “New”. I already knew to look. as i have experienced that before - and came to saw the item in inventory (months ago)

Upon “logging out and logging back” in there were no items labeled as “New”

Upon “clearing my data” in my browsers for supermechs.com & kongregate.com from firefox and chrome - there were no items labeled as “New”

So barring you being able to tell me - which items were deposited in my inventory for my Rank 1 award that somehow wasn’t labeled as labeled as “New” -…

I did not receive my league awards.

  • Thank you for your time and attention to this issue


sooo yeah… (holds breath) :grinning:

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I checked with the devs and the items will not be labeled new.

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No new or extra items appeared at all. When and how do we get our prizes, if support are telling us that we have imaginary items in our workshop?
The screen froze, and did not credit the account with items in the inventory.

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I play all day and night - I know the things i maintain in both my accounts - (Officially diagnosed OCD) … - So without proof - (stating specifically - which the NEW legend I received (as thats all i had in both accounts)

I seriously doubt the veracity of the information you were provided.

but i thank you for your efforts @Sarah247


It was a new 1 time use weapon “League Award Destroyer” :thinking:

Like other players, i did not receive anything at all, except for the coins.

I leave video with the test, because whenever I collect rewards, I record.

In the inventory I continue with the same items,
and the legendary, created from merging garbage.

And another mistake that they do not repair is not to receive boxes
after the missions, and neither not after fighting against a VS.


Great Job!! @alex2040r

Still no joy from support.
Very convenient to say that the items are in my inventory with no ‘NEW’ markings.

Again, how and when are we going to be credited the missing items?


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The items will appear in your inventory but will not say ‘NEW’

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@casualdude I am sure they do not lie, I myself also expierenced this … sometimes they are in the inventory after freezing, sometimes NOT :exclamation:

There are a lot of issues (incl. cheats) again, in this game, to tired to make a whole list again, a fast list is easy …

  • wins are still shown twice in the columns about single player ranking

  • inventory limit still blocks a lot (really a LOT of players), still no long term solution

  • WEEKLY tournament rewards / Clan medals are not given, because they miss every 2nd week to put in the rewards

  • lowering level to gain FREE tokens / Gold / items is used more and more (as NOW 3 (!) different reports shows)

  • some players magically gain best items (mythical hp moduls, Valiant Sniper, Bunker Shell, Magma Blast, etc.) multiply times, not talking about 2 or 3 times, I am talking about 5 - 12 times (without buying tokens) :exclamation:

  • dates of the news are wrong

  • etc.

So seeing this list with all this issues which some existing now for MONTHS … the new item / update was more important :exclamation:

Everything clear now :question:



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I am not at the inventory limit.
I also had the same items in my inventory after the freeze/crash.

I am not sure how else to convey that I was not given the items. They weren’t there after the crash, sure as heck not there now.

I forget sometimes that this is the company that killed everyone’s progress and mech builds, all in the name of monetizing the game further.

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i can only advice to pacience.
Alot of bugs are still in the game, while some are bad, like the lvl drop, and campaign reset, some are mildler like not reciving the rewards for the seasson, and some are just graphic glitches, and just annoy us, they all have the same resolution from our side(players), and that is pacience.
The lvl drop, and campaign reset will soon be fixed, even tho the main advantage of this bug is only for new players, after SM Reloaded, they provide the following benefits, if you complete the campaign on all dificulties.

  1. 8 premium boxes, from the boses.
  2. about 2000 tokens.
  3. about 1.3m gold.
    But you have to punch in about 20h of game time to do that, even with autopilot, and there is always that nice chance you will get banned.
    So i advice people not to do it, since the cons outweight the benefits.
    I suggest that you use adds to farm for tokens, on mobile or as @Well so nicely wrote about it
    or if using the desckop, using an emulator, or a browser that supports watching wids.
    The missing rewards, might be solved, with writing to Sarah, about it, and you might be compensated.
    The fact that clan rewards aren’t always put on, is just a bit annoying, since they have to be put manualy each week, they can’t make it automatic because of random factor.
    In all games, bugs, glithes appear, since it is a man made job, errors accure, like the saying “there is no error, only for the one that does not do”.
    Pacience is key in evrything.

1st you sound like a tacticsoft staff, but you aren’t.
I get you want support them as much as possible, do that as long as you want, your thing, but don’t give all the time “advices”, better would be to follow your own words/advices …

2nd “patience”

We are patient since 4 years, since most of the bug/issue fixes need/needed more then a half year (some even 1 - 2 years, chat-to-workshop-throw as 1 example).

So asking or “advicing” for patience is nonsense, if you see the facts and the whole time of SuperMechs.

You can be patient, until next reset of SuperMechs will happen.

But for me important, is to show them (tacticsoft) and the players, that they could do it way better …

  • FIRST fixing main issues (bugs/cheats/rewards) which WOULD make all players more happy and satisfied about the game (which also would result that they would be willing to spend more)

  • AFTER bringing new items/updates/etc.

That is my opinion, and you cannot change that :exclamation:

And I am not alone with this opinion, if you are able to read this forum (not start talking about all that negative posts at their facebook side, I invested 10 minutes to read there, was hard to find 1 positive post there from players).



Meh,it’s no big deal,right?
I mean you still get your items so yeah,right.
Instead of dealing with something minor like a bug of an animation,why not try to fix the major ones instead?
I’m talking about the level-down bug.


They did give out incorrect information to @Sarah247

Below is the response from support:

Your request (57165) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email.

Jess (Tacticsoft)

Jan 15, 11:14 IST

Thank you for writing in and letting us know.
I escalated this to the dev and there is a fix that should go out for the next update.
However, we will happy to give you boxes for your account. Please let us know the ID number.


Yo,calm down a little.
What he said is,in my opinion,right.Just wait and eventually things will get fixed.It’s not like they have no clue about it.As @El_Metre said:

Other than that,I can’t argue.
You had a good point there.You were a little pushy about it but hey,you were right,also.

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you do have a point there @bestplayerintheworld


That’s why I always leave space in my inventory before I open it. It’s a good safety prrotocol.