Bug 2x2 infinite life campaign

I found a bug for infinite life in the super mechs in the campaign 2x2, I want to report it my name in the game is Matador963, I found this bug in 2x2 the bug makes you never die in any mission in the 2x2 swamp is only you go battle with the robbery exchange of Theft waits for the adiverssario to give you damage and press on the X to leave and you will have the life of theft adiverssario but theft adiverssario has to have more life than you,
and you will have the same amount of life as the adiverssario robbery and never die I want a reward.

1k of tokens

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Bu2rCy_MxE&feature=youtu. <<BUG

First step for people to acknowledge this… is to put it in Supermechs, not BattleDawn lol

Also… this was a bug a while ago as we well. If I remember correctly, @KilliN made a video on it? Am I correct?

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Old one…

From my old yt times.


You demanded 1k tokens as a reward for reporting this bug?

Even so,good job amd thanks for being selfless (as in just reporting it and not asking for a reward).
Let’s hope they fix this and patch more potential exploits.

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You’ve done a good thing though no… No… Asking for a reward is too much and too unfair to some others