Buffing the base

Since we all know that the base would suck, why not buff it. Here’s my list of buffs:

  • Reducing the cost of all items by half, ex. epics would only take 100k, except for the legendary chance item
  • Reduce the time it takes to make a item by half
  • Increase the gold production of a maxed gold mine to 100k

Let me know if this idea would make base better.


Base isn’t even out yet. Why we don’t wait and see what happens? Maybe they made some changes idk…


I know, but it’s just an idea.

good idea :smiley:
nice …

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they said that theyre releasing it as is and updating later.

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SilverBox told me they made some changes.

in DM? well sorry for spreading misinformation if i was wrong or had not read something.

This became relevant again to the people that accidentally clicked on base.