Buffed Ramboy D=


Ram is buffed now,
I have something about it.
Ramboy HP insane mode before buff was 504.
Ramboy HP insane mode after buff become 802.
Lol it`s harder but still bad loot… but in daily box i got avenger torso
lol that was fun.


…for true fact, I dont see sense to battle against ramboy :sweat:


So far i know ramboy isn’t the only boss that got buffed. Big boy also ._.
EDIT: Wait ima help you


I cry :frowning:

20 characters


Ramboy, the 1st boss ?

Easy boxes of items, and it looks like also BETTER loots for me (not talking money)


:wink: Just dont care about insane ramboy, go in extreme mode


where is Xtrem mode ?


Just imagine it.


Imagine they add a nightmare mode ;). 300% more loot, 300% buffed enemies!


300% crappier loot ^^



R.I.P. FiringBot, 2017 - 2017.
I think maxed mythical windigo torso dont help me…


Gotta admit, Tacticsoft is very innovative

…at finding new ways to screw us over


Wow they even buffed the first mission…


Holy crap omg what the heckers is that they expect new players to do that

#I expect compensation, this is ludicrous.


Rambo And the “trafficker” stole badges of life from the big boy boss that is why he has more life and assis minions gave them life because he is very good people


Very simple: Throwing their bank accounts at TS :wink:


Just f**k everything up and remember that s****y fact bigboy at insane mode little bit impossible now.


everything is possible… just get 2 ash creators, 2 buker shells, wind forge, a valiant sniper and 4 myth hp modules and you would be unstoppable. :wink:


Those two statements contradict…


nothing is buffed
it is just to annoy us
in campaign the bots hp heat and energy will depend on your mech’s stats