Buff Sweetie Please


Problem is- in all those situations Viking Hammer is a lot better

  • Maybe
  • No

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  • Please buff sweetie.
  • Maybe.
  • No.

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Yeah, it’s insane that Sweetie is the only 3-6 phys side weapon and does almost no damage. I’m not expecting it to do Spartan’s damage, but at least give it something similar to Anni.

Dawnblaze and Ultrabright even do more damage, it barely does more damage than Malice and CL. I thought phys weapons were supposed to have the best DPR?


It have the best draining of ene cap. though.


Leave dat en drain to the energy mechs though. But seriously, sweetie and purifier are kinda pathetic for a type that is supposed to be pure dmg and resist drain.


If you drain with two sweeties you can take out 200 of energy cap man… you can fuk up a physical with low energy cap XD


Maybe drop res damage and give it damage like for terror cry?