Buff Sweetie Please


Buff Sweetie. It’s pretty useless except during fighting the Titan. Sweetie deserves better stats since it is leg+. TS should do something to Sweetie like they did to Archimonde recently.


I agree.Its been pretty useless to me for now,so i need it to be buffed! like,the damage isnt enough.


Buff purifyer Now XD


Thats true, idk why they didnt buff it yet, if everybody was asking for a buff on it…What you guys think of me making a poll about that? So we can get all the players here in the forum to tell what they want…


Sweetie is honestly kind of useful against titans when phys is the right call, since it’s the only phys side weapon that has 3-6 range , so you can run one sweetie, one spartan, and one falcon for when you must or want to fight at a distance.


Yeah. Also buff bloodweep, desert fury and greedy…


Also Delerium, Iron Frenzy, Chaos Bringer, Big Daddy, Purifier, and Mortal Bullet. Maybe Stormweaver and Terrorblade.

Like it should be possible for tacticsoft to collect data on premium items no one is using, even though lots of people have them, then deal with them on a case-by-case basis. We made swords and archimonde useful so all these things are possible.


Sweetie’s -48 energy cap is only useful against mechs with zero energy mods and carrying weapons that cost energy.

Besides that, it is very inefficient. It definitely needs a buff.

How about converting that energy cap drain to phys resistance and damage?


Storm can easily hit harder than BB


What is BB?


Backbreaker ccccccccccccccccccc


Oh…he…Backbreaker didn’t come to mind…thanks


Buff Spinefall…


Buff ever unknown l-m in the entire game


And Mercy, Spartan Carnage and valiant sniper? :face_with_monocle:


And Magma Blast and Molten Platinum Vest and Platinum Plate and Bunker Blast and Reckoning… :sunglasses:
And Rolling Beasts and Platinum Grapple and Sparked Runners…


And the maximum protectors too… :sunglasses:


And Ash Creator and Crimson Rapture…


Everything is OP :sunglasses::sunglasses:


What if its range were buffed from 3-6 to 3-9?