Buff premium boxes

Ok TS now SM players hate that WHY DONT LEGENDARIES DROP !!!. so thats why buff premium boxes so YOU CAN GET SOMETHING GOOD.if not then please make it possible that no such epic would drop that can not transform to mythical or legendary while keeping the item rate same players would love it.Just do it nothing bad would happen i guarantee


Farm portals :slight_smile:

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post above says everything.

Last portal i had 650~ tokens , and instead of buying like 7 prem boxes , i bought refills for the portals.

And this is the outcome. v

Also this :

And this :

So dont buy boxes , buy refills on portals.


You sure they don’t drop??

Whenever I buy a few premium boxes I always get at least on legendary

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Is it worth to use revives on portals on hard? Because I need 1 or max 2 revives to finish it, reviving is lowering rate of dropping boxes?

No, you just spend your tokens too much, build a mech capable of beating portals on hard and then farm

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So if I’m spending tokens then it’s impossible to get box or something like that?

No, you will just spend your tokens too fast

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Good to know, just my mech isn’t good enough to beat it, I’m still trying to make it better.

those who have a lot of legendaries from boxes… they have no life

or your life is wasted on sm

either one or your just the devs favorite

No,it will stay as just it is.

i opened 2 premium boxes
got 2 legendery nagas

Opened 5 premium boxes for tokens got only shitty epics, got 1 box for boss on insane in campaign got legendary top weapon (I don’t remember name, it is this which is pulling, electric one) but still useless for me when I have scope and Val