Buff Energy weapons


To keep it brief after the nerf they are now weaker then phys/heat and need to be buffed to compete with higher damage weapons


Really? They drain more energy than heat weapons add heat.


But heat weapons are cumulative, you dont automatically cool down like with energy


That’s new, normally players complain that energy mechs are “too powerful”.


I agree with you, energy is the most powerful thing actually.
Its actually not a paper, scissors and rock thing, most like a physical over heat, electric over physical

the best balance was on the 2014 supermechs :stuck_out_tongue:


Really? Valiant sniper 189 drain for 31 energy… ash generator 180 drain for 93 energy…
The valiant needs a nerf… or an energy cost increase.
The others are within the same values as their heat counterparts.


Without talking about the windforge that is way overpowered at least compare to his other heat and phys version or other drones 31 energy cost for a 76 energy damage and 5 restist drain. Talking about that why the hell swoop need energy to fire? And if it was a low cost it would be perharps usable but look 31 energy cost for a heat weapon like a drone that is usually used because you’re energy drained… and see 31 energy for the energy version and… 31 energy + 31 heat for the heat with a max at 70 heat damage… come on. And all of that not mentioning his low weight…


There is a big diference beetwen heat and energy… how they play out in the game.
A drone that can heat 76 without energy is way too op.
Windforge drains 76, and cost 31, hit lowest of the drones 70 dmg(maxed)… i see people whine about energy, there are only 2 op energy items…valiant and ash generator( ash generator hits higher theb anihilation does, in range 1-2, can hit 450 vs 341, weight is 8 kg less for more then 100 dmg)
Yet i see none complain about 315 hp modules, 39 rrs modules( 59 on single ones) … those thing are the real game changers. 2 myth hp plates=4.2 epic plates that is like having an extra 2 slots on your mech. The protector 39 vs 16… that is like having 15% more hp. These items are the new cancer of this game.
Example: befor uldate myth plates gave 29 kg 84hp
Legebdary plates 80 hp. That meand 5% more hp.
Now epic maxed 145 vs myth maxed 315… 117% more hp… that isnt right.


I totally agree el Metre i didn’t say that the swoop doesn’t need energy to fire i just speak about the fact that he need the same amount as the energy one + 31 heat and doing the same low damage which is a bit too much of a difference.

And of course we share the same opinion about these two other item.


The only things that should be buffed are weapons like dawnblaze and ultra bright. I barely see people using them and they’re actually very weak ( an example a maxed legendary dawn blaze generates the enemie 50 heat and does around 120-170 dmg )
I would like to see more of them in the future. It’s a bit boring to see people using the same weapons ._.
They could buff torsos like banshee, kraken or redeemer too. No one actually ueses them ( maybe because they can only be transformed to legendary ) but still it would be nice if the devs add mythical forms of them or atleast buff them a bit. :slight_smile:


I wonder, are they applying any 123 math before nerfing any item.


Both of you are right…but there are other that jave been negleted, downblaze and the ultrabright are more dmg oriented wepons… they are neglected becauese of the higher utility of malice and corupt light.
But put up against them in the same module and torso lineup against corup light and malice beam users… and they win… by 200-300hp only based on the dmg and res drai they do.
The top 10 is made up of exploiters of unbalancing issues… extra drainers, (valiant and ash generetors abuser with 2-3 myth hp plates, heaters that dont use energy and that pack up to 3 myth plates and 1 protectors). How would you run your setups with 3 myth plates? That is likebhaving 510 more hp, pack another myth protector… that is another 270-350 more hp… think about it… you would run around with 2800 hp-3050 hp mechs… tou wouldnt mind the others… you could stomp them to death.
Energy was an utility and range modifier thing… that how it won in the old version.I was using energy ever since i started playing… the moment they made searmers and shreders not use energy… i saw that energy was dead.
Martirs like Andernut, Nautiloid,Ash2060,Rising,the fallen were still trying to run energy builds against shreders and swarmers, they wete fighting a loosing battle, even against Ultraspade builds made a come back in the last weeks of the last update… and were succesfull with thr launch of that devils ultravooling module.
In the Legacy version the energy was always 1 stwp behind evrythink and reqyiered alot of planing and strategy… use of range… creativity… it was the most fun build to have.
Now … it is like watching it have revenge, it dominates the whole meta…is it fair? Yeah i guess it is … it sat in the shadow too long.


Agreed with El_Metre. Valiant Sniper and Ashbringer need nerfs (although maybe Windforge too). A few of the other energy items could use a small buff.

Plates and Protectors are indeed ridiculous.

I like this version of the game, but it also needs some utility weapons so that there’s more strategy and variety. Right now it often feels like I’m just bashing heads with other mechs, and seeing who’s HP/energy/heat runs out first.


Thank you for all the feedback guys, I agree with El_etre and Blex on Valiant and ashbringer being to strong while the other energy weapons are to weak, there is also issues with platinum plating, really hope the staff pick up on a few of these issues. As a f2p player i use malice beams/ hysterias which are much weaker weapons relative to the energy weapons mentioned above.


Energy mechs continue unbalance the game.
Do u want a mech which can beat to all? Built an energy mech, maxed it and u can with everyone.
You dont need to be a good player.


Dude,that’s the opposite,they are OVERPOWERED.once you have weapons that uses energy and you get energy breaked you are Screwed Times Inifnity


Smerf them too… physicals became worthless… :slight_smile:


i have a physical mech that is not energy relient
except for my nightfalls


NERF anything you want !!!
Just give me 3 platinum HP modules please :hugging:


No to buff energy, look at this weapon this is is a maxed out heat weapon

“I kill my own mech everytime I use it”