Brutality or Archimonde?


Now I am aware I had made a topic earlier saying that you should not ignore people who lost their accounts, like Godzilla and Synchro, I am not a terrible person I am still trying to get their accounts backbut I had to ask. What is better, Brutality or Archimonde?

  • Archimonde
  • Brutality

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Brutality of course… Archimonde is the worst torso in the game.


Archimonde was good before changes. Change was after I max mythed it. Brutality is more versatile .


Sad… Archimonde is L-M. Needs to be buffed BADLY.


Brutality for those legacy vibes.


Times to wake up memes


archimonde - retarded torso?


Definitely not Archimonde!
That must be the worst torso in the game (apart from Interceptor).
Even so,Brutality isn’t the best torso around either…Windigo is better and Zarkares is even better!


Well I have Windigo right now. I also have zakares, around 3 I think.


Wait, Godzilla lost his account?


Yeah. It got hacked then it got banned for no reason


I didn’t know that. Must’ve been very recently? Though I just saw him in arena a day or two ago.


It was 2 days ago. His account was banned yesterday.


Archimonde=LM=BEST torso !


Wait …what!

I also see OTPC 6.0 is gone.

WTF is up with all that???


What does that mean exactly?


Old Top Players Clan 6.0 was Godzilla’s clan. It’s gone.


oh. Yeah. Since Godzilla’s account is gone, clan is gone :confused: Also another thing. Pretty sure Godzilla quit the game.


Is that even a question?