Brutality, Flaming Battery Armor, or wait

this may take some explaining

so i got a brutality out of my chest the other day. ive always wanted something to replace my nightmare since its not as good as some other torsos. ive always had my sight on zarkares, however. shortly after that i got a flaming battery armor out of another chest.

what should i do? should i:

  • try my luck and open a few more boxes in the hope or getting a zarkares
  • use brutality
  • use flaming battery armor

this is for a heat mech btw, to be specific a heat mech designed for fighting heat mechs

I use zarkares on my physical mech and flaming battery armor on my heat mech, i would say if you can’t kill them fast or shutdown lock them, try luck with zarkares but if you can use flaming battery armor

Moved to general since this is not an idea for a new item/feature

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k sry

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You’re good, just think about where you’re putting threads



im thinking use the brutality for now, but when u get a zark, USE THE FRICK OUT OF IT. oh, and UPGRADE it too.


They all have their uses, flaming armor works best for a heat counter mech, Zarkares is universal, works well with everything but it’s very heavy. Brutality has decent stats for it’s low weight, it’s best used on builds that utilize a lot of weaponry. Overall I’d recommend waiting for Zarkares as it can be used for pretty much anything with it’s versatile stats

ok heres what ill do

ill use brutality on my main heat mech

use a windigo on my heat counter, then swap it out for zarkares since this mech wont have a lot of weaponry, leaving space for weight

then, after my windigos swapped out ill use it on my last mech in the future

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Sounds good, good luck with your build!


gonna take a while tho since only the only thing mythed is my windigo and most others arent even maxed legendary yet XD

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