Brutality Builds?

Hello there!
As the title says,I’d like you to post some builds that use Brutality.
Preferably decent f2p builds (of any type).
I know Zarkares is better,but Brutality has been on my wishlist for quite a while (plus it has some extra weight that could maybe make a difference).

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Brutality can be good for weight management, or for its better energy core stats. (Physical res is also slightly better than zark’s).
Id share my brut build, but it aint exactly f2p…

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Use @Ricemech88’s top player guide, I find it so handy

  1. all over range phy build
    2 anni 1 nightfart 1 nut eagle
    2-3 energy module
    leg rolling beasts or iron boots

pro: all over range
easy to counter energy with double anni
con: you need to equip a lot of epic plate if you don’t have claw and pp, or you won’t get enough HP.

  1. high dmg phy build
    1 mercy( p ) 2 nightfall
    leg rb or ib
    3/4 energy or none

pro: high dmg
con: no weapon over 4 range( to solve this must have hook, charge and teleporter)

Heat build(if not premium items don’t build any heat build because no good heat weapon in 2-4 range)

  1. rocket king
    (1 abomination, 1 supreme, 1 dosolution)
    drone clash

(don’t build non-premium energy build because most grest energy weapon are premium items)


no because 50% of it overdated
and I can’t edit it for no reason…

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Here is one of mine bruty.

If you need a module to see.
replay me.

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Thanks,tho I have no heat L-M’s :upside_down_face:
But yeah,mind showing your modules as to gimme me an idea of a setup?

Btw,wow that’s a beauty!

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If you cannot edit it, then make a new one that says #2 or something like that and put in the updated ones, It will probably take forever

I apologise for being off topic…

Hey @L4K3
Sorry for a quiet time.
I had some busnies to do…
By the way here it is.

Thank you for calling it beauty.That’s my new gold digger


That mech does look great…but needs way more heat/energy

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max out your stuff…except if you want to be jerry lol


Ehh i’ll be Jerry.

Fuq it.

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yeah true… he does’nt have desolation/annihilation or anti energy weapons either.Just a high as regen…
but i have seen, a regen of 42 has made me win against several energy battles(just overheat the life out of them)

You made a mistake by Jerry.
I do have that.

It’s an zark build so it dosen’t count.

And if i use annihalation into that brutalaty,I will become smurf

that is just one annihilation mate…

I have both of them.I can’t use it because kg will be maxed out.

Let’s still find more brutalaty builds

okay… will show mine :sunglasses:

Oh i remember your build.
It kinda was reminding of me.(It’s not myth but still.)

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i keep the abomination so that it hides behind the backbreaker.
clash, heat hook and teleport are specials.

still working on it, that is why i need gold, but you get me.