Brooo this is the best guy!


This guy is the best, I like it is very friendly but… He Life in the other side of the world for me :frowning:

God bless you bro, you are amazing, keep,There are not many people like you left.


What do you mean?..and what did he do to be friendly?..just wondering


He said to me “Fuerza Venezuela”


What does that mean?


sounds like a type of car

“oh what car do u drive”
“a fuerza venezuela. its pretty fast”


hes giving him nice words about his (and my) country if you dont know venezuela is on an economical crisis and basically a dictatorial regimen (whit the bigest idiot of the world as the president)


te entiendo amigo, te entiendo perfectamente


No bro, Venezuela is a Latinamerican country.


Gracias mano.


I saw some reports about that. Its inflation caused by the dictator running the country, correct?


yes a fat COLOMBIAN dictator in VENEZUELA


Yeah bro. The inflation is more than 1.000.000 literally… Is horrible.
Practically all things (food, clothes, phones) increase in price every day, even double, It’s impossible advance in the life :confused: