Broke ass supermechs upgrades

Yeah so l was just making my Malice Beam Mythical and it did this image So it wouldnt let me hit the awesome button l don’t want anything (My 100k coins back would be nice though lol) But just lettin you guys know


Meant to put this image lmaoo


After you refreshed the game was the item upgraded to Mythical?

No it was not mythical when l refreshed

Ah yes I know that
There is a bug which would make you have extra money if you using that money you upgrade you will not be able to “Click” sweet and a reconnecting sign would pop up and then when you refresh that visual bug money would be gone
It’s not a bug but yes you cannot upgrade using a visual money increase I would show you how it happens in few hours if I get to PC…

Just happened again except l was using a powerkit to upgrade

I am not sure what you mean. If you could show us that would be helpful.

Yes I was not able to repeat the glitch :frowning: but believe me it’s an anti-cheat system (or something like that ) that not let’s you upgrade greater amount of thing from less money that is visual glitch…
As there is high chance of it being a gltich that is common…

I believe you. Let me know if you see it again and if you cant catch it on video that would be even better.


Yeah I am try to make vid
Can’t do in my real account cuz I am a millionaire :smiley: but trying on my alt account

bruh what the fuck

wdym what he f***

It fuckin did it again -_-

I want to see all of your tabs

All items pinned on the taskbar…