Bringing back up an old idea
So… yeah. I am bringing this back up. Even though this may be really heavy, but I just thought, its been a while, and I really wanted a throwback to my very first topic I ever made. So half heat half energy drone. Now I know hybrids are really weak in the game, but… Still pay some respect to them. From what I see, they have to potential to be as strong as 1 type mechs too. And also know that there could be a very kind person there, and now-a-days I see a lot of people say that hybrids are weak. But that is only because of their weapon choice. So, I decided to bring this back up again, just so they at least have a drone that can fit them.

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I like the idea. I BACK YOU UP!

A master of two is a master of none.
Even better idea: Shaman - a drone that does physical damage,drains energy and adds heat,doing -1 resistance to all types!

I mean the idea is amazing,however in wouldn’t really be good for anything in-game…

if it would be beneficial for the game to give the variety, putting items of 3 elements would make it more interesting, certainly with its due regulation these would not be op like the energy

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Oh yeah,did you read about the ‘‘Shaman’’?
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Hell no!

I think I’m gonna sprite a drone using the 3 elements to prove my point…

I only meant 2.

meaning half energy half heat.

Still cool but pretty useless altogether…


it would not hurt, for example, these combinations:
drone that removes a lot of heat and energy and does not harm
sword that removes cooling and energetic regeneration
Sword that takes life (reduces the amount of life, the damage that is received is adapted)
cooling shotgun that removes cooling
legs that remove a lot of cooling and move 3 squares
a beam that removes a lot of energy and heat from a single shift
legend mitic plates of hp heta, or hp energy, or hp coolin, hp regeneration

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In the Legacy version there were like max energy + max heat dual modules.
Something like that would actually be a nice addition,that would help diversificate modules’ builds and builds in general!
That would be amazing.

Yeah,actually,we could use some more mobility on our mechs :slight_smile:

Hmm…That wouldn’t really be a thing…On builds you’ll focus on either damage of one type or draining/heating.That means the only use for that drone would be on a hybrid,but we already know that hybrids are arena suckers…I’ll disagree.

Actually,that could be something:
Base damage + X% of the current amount of opponent’s hp + maybe resistance drain.
Sounds amazing and I bet that would be a total game changer!

Maybe you meant cooling - regen or vice-versa.I wouldn’t really see a use to that…

We have the BackBreaker,the most useless melee weapon!
Seriously,that thing’s really bad…

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hyes, there are several ways to innovate the game, I have to admit that although it is true that some are not necessary give more variety, I hope that in version 12.0 there are radical changes

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Yeeeah boy,me too :slight_smile: