Bring old GODMODE back as a titan!


Should GOD MODE return?

  • Definitely
  • No way

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Welp. By popular vote, godmode SHOULD return @Sarah247


@Sarah247 , we need this. If we can have squiddy, we can have god mode or the old big boy


maybe with a few upgrades?


thinking this, but stats X 10,000


Also, all weapons work at all range. Scope has 2 shots each. Otherwise, all weapons have unlimited shots.


How about this one ?
Also thanks for such a big suport guys, Its amazing. :cookie:


Nah. Too close range. Also, needs to look more like old godmode. Try 15 red, 15 blue, 15 green.


Yeah but still… It can have all range weapons u know… But honesty i love the old weapons.


especially the old godmode weapons.


Yeah look great on it.


Say, what was your old username? Mine was VULCAN, because it was a heat mech like my mech, and vulcan was god of fire and stuff. Also because vulcan is a cool name.


My old name was same as now on forum but in game, Ima using Madara.MK2
And yeah vulcan dosent sounds sou bad… actully ima lika it


Say, would you like to battle? Meet me on global english and send out the message: hi. 3 mins to prepare.


Sure buddy :slightly_smiling_face:


doing bigboy currently; see you in 3-5 mins


Okey, Good luck may u get fortune and legy u never know :smiley:
But lets leave this from this topic… U can anytime pm if needed


I’m set. Time to fight.


Which idea should we go with? Mordernized, my idea, or something else?


Nope make like . 2 magma each side . 2 flaming scope. 4500 HP 900 heat 400 cooling. 1200 energy 700 regeneration. Real overpowered