Bring old GODMODE back as a titan!


It would be nice seen good old GODMODE back as a titan.
We should have something that would bring us the old good memories that we all miss.
Lets bring it back with a little ubgrade would be nice to see it again.



love the idea it would be nice to have the old god mode back


Hey, that’s a good idea!




What if this will appear from time to time on map(just like the old one) and if you beat him,you will get a fortune box and idk 30-50k gold


Love that idea! :cookie:


What a cool little idea :partying_face:




I would love if this was added as a titan.


Give it an update with 100 of each resistance 1000 heat/energy and 3000 hp. Make it a random portal that rewards 15 tokens on insane with 8000 gold and 300 xp. This would be T.Ss idea of a fun portal and or a new idea. I do like (your) idea @UchihaMadara


Thanks buddy glad u like it.


God_Mode God_Mode2 God_Mode3


Bringing back the god would be a great idea !.
But not as a titan.
As a boss with a new zone


Yes that would be amazing. I would highly prefer that design.


Sounds like a great idea, but I’d edit GOD MODE’s sprites a little bit, to make it different from the players…


Thanks you buddy thats gonna amazing :slight_smile:


i like it , cool idea


That be cool. Be God the almighty.


Would be amazing. I think ive said it before but amazing idea.