Bring back the store and old upgrade sections

i have played every version but when the new up dates came out i rect the the game so bring back the old versions

Friend,I’m sorry to inform you that there’s no point in saying that…
Please,just forget about this idea.I’ve had enough of this topic.We were all going on about this a couple months ago and guess what.All for nothing.
Just get used to the new Super Mechs.

Hell,idk why but I love SM now just as much as I loved it back then,even with all the goods and wrongs.Sure,sometimes even I get mad about stuff and express it in this forum but my love for this little masterpiece ain’t gonna vanish so easily.


yeah they should bring back the old shop but sadly…it’s not going to happen.

tacticsoft removed the items shop on purpose …

That way we players need to gamble for items we are looking / search for (need).

That way they make a lot more money.

Just a fact.


BUT suggestion …

  • let stay the gambling for best items as it is (so same situation for tacticsoft)

  • bring a shop for “normal” items (like shields, push weapons, old items, etc)

… that would give ALL players the possibility to get these items. So at least for “normal” items all players would have the same chance / possibility to get it.

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Maybe the old shop is still here but thanks to some bug we can’t see it.
And we all now how bad they are at fixing things. Just like the level reset or the ranking bugs.

Funny but don’t you all relized that gambling is not the best thing to do so why encourage that behaviour its not a good influence on children and teen.

I support you and as I always say, if the previous version stayed that way everything would have been reduced to: torso de god mode and its legs, weapon of missiles maxed in heat ° I do not remember the name XD ° and load of missiles ° what you consume ° a drone and good modules depend on each one

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I supported L4K3 :v: por si las dudas

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it is better imo to be able to buy all the items you need (price, price) you can use every kg this way, and leave the rest for tactis, experience and luck…

so i would bring back a modified shop for this purpose

i don’t think it is favorable by players to be frustrated and waiting for the right items (in weight and properties) for extended period of times and more extended period of times to upgrade to get the right build, to instead pitch their tactics, or shrewdness (or luck) against each other in the arena

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