Bring back the shop! Please!


Hi! I have been a member for 3 years now and I can tell that super mechs has evolved into an almost amazing game. I have one issue though. After a while I decided to come back to super mechs and when I cam back I had to transfer my old currency to the currency (no big deal) but then I wanted to see the new items in the shop. There was no shop. Atleast that I could see. So I would kindly like to ask if you (creators of supermechs) could please please please! Bring back the shop. That you for reading this! Have a great day and MERRY CHRISTMAS (or happ any other holiday you celebrate).


First of all merry christmas and welcome in the forums :slight_smile: You really missed a lot. The shop was removed around 2 and a half years ago and it would make no sense to add it back anymore. The older items are trash and almost everyone got rid of them. There’s also a “new” feature where you can transform items into higher tiers. Like when you have a maxed lv 30 epic, you can use items to transform it into a legendary. If you do that i recommend you to look at the dots under the name of the item first. The filled one is your current tier and it can sometimes go up to mythical ( redish ). The gap between mythicals and legendaries is also bigger than before i don’t really know if there’re mythicals since you played sm. Also this topic is nonsense. If you scroll down, you will see a topic that is around a year ago when we talked about your issue.


I agree bro…you used to be able to choose what you wanted to buy but now you get whatever…and the price increases after every purchase…please bring back the old shop


Si, ojala regresen la tienda porque es muy molesto comprar cajas y que te toquen cosas mucho peor de lo que tienes y que nisiquiera sirva de mucho para mejorar