Bring Back the Old Squad Flying Graphics


I didn’t play back in 08 but, I saw the graphics on old YouTube Videos. What I liked in particular about the old graphics was how the ship fly.

Look at them they look so majestic:


This dull flying:

Mind the pictures I couldn’t find any higher quality ones.

  • I agree squad flying graphics should be reverted back to the old one.
  • I disagree

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Id like to see the new system but be able to model up to 200 squads or something and make a bigger arrow when zoomed out. Could you add that to the poll please :slight_smile:


Would be nothing like instilling fear into your enemies by sending 250 spams with the old format :smile:


I cant edit a poll after 5 minutes of creating it :< sorry.


Ye i agree, its also like a d*ck measuring contest xD


@moderators please could you add the poll option :slight_smile:


I completely disagree, it would be impossible to tell what’s happening and I think it looked shit.


I disagree, you can just hover over stuff or use the hide squads button. It also looked more intimidating


It looked like a massive donger, whats not to like :slight_smile:


You can always turn squads off if you need to see/click behind them.


I remember making spam armies just to get my squads to be off the map :joy:


I much prefer the new way… It’d get incredibly cluttered using the old way.


Dank Squads > Less cluttered Squads


I’d suggest to create 3D graphics.


The new one is definitely better…The old one looks sooo old lol…


I don’t get why people whine about how shit the game looks and 'if only they updated the graphics loads of new people would play!" and then want to revert back to that eyesore


my eyes are bleeding plz no


A E S T H E T I C ? ? ?

(wtf do you mean the body seems unclear that is a perfectly legitamite sentence fk u discourse)


Closed the poll, seeing how this post would get us nowhere with these polarized responses.


50-50 what a split :slight_smile: