Bring back the old SM!

We miss the olden days. Something about the old SuperMechs before the update was more charming. We’ve even started a clan just today petitioning the return of the old SM. sm savers is an open clan for all to join, to show your love for the old SM.

Let me think. How about “No”?


Make SM great again xD


I like that tagline, why didn’t I think of that?

You are a bit late to this call
This would have been ok immediately after sm was reloaded, but honestly I have put a lot of work into making my mech now (even thought it is only rank 8) and so have lots of others who play after reloaded. It would pretty much be the same disaster that happened when the game was reloaded, everyones mechs and money (not mine cause I am f2p) would be wasted. Besides, there are a lot of features to this new one I like, such as that items can be transformed between tiers, although fusion costs are too high I still like it
The only feasible way they could bring back the old one would be to make a new website called legacy supermechs, where the pre-reloaded game is put
Otherwise everyone would lose their progress again.


I suppose you’re right. That actually makes a lot of sense, thanks for pointing that out.


I would definitely would not mind a separate website called legacy sm though
The old game was very fun, but I don’t want reloaded gone.

Although that is 99% not going to happen, since they probably don’t have all the coding and such backed up, and I doubt they would start it from scratch again while working on the future updates for reloaded.

We can still speculate though

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I liked the old sm too, but things change over time. New SM is not bad. I like it just as much as the old sm.

Things change and we’ll have to deal with it.

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There are some features I really liked in the old SM…e.g. The shop…but…

I never really used the shop cause I was lucky and better off with the cases. I can understand you’re view though and I wouldn’t mind a shop but we can do without imo.

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It’s better to stay like this alone, if on reload, the player’s interest to play SM will decrease …
do not like to remember the past :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

yes i agree:kacamata hitam:

I felt this way when iOS 7 came out. But we have to embrace change. I love SM reloaded.

Let this thread die.
Stop replying…

no dude it was to easy to get mythicals back then

I would quit the game if the game decided to go rewind. PERIOD.