Bring Back The AANC!


Wow! So much enthusiasm. :slight_smile:

So let’s get this ball rolling… The AANC was the best thing since sliced bread!


The good news is that even before the AANC is officially up, these forums are now active enough that if a newb were to post asking for help someone would probably pick it up right away.

I’d be happy to help as a mentor, naturally.


Yea, i am old newb player, Newb since 2013 XD


yea AANC is better to adopting people, there more people that quite and thing BD is Boring game


Hi Everyone,

@EnerGY and I have created a recruitment page for anyone who would like to apply to be a mentor.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Ageed. If you need any help organising let me know :slight_smile:


when AANC Will start again


Hey there
AANC will start soon.
Give us some time :slight_smile:
We are currently recruiting mentors for that purpose…


That great!! I cannot wait it!


@anishmal If you are not interested in this discussion then why are you posting on it?


@anishmal Please try not to be negative when it comes to the AANC. It is an organisation set up and run by members of the community to improve the experience to newer players. I myself have had help from a lot of people to improve how I play and now I am trying to give back by teaching newer players.

If you would like to discuss the AANC further please feel free to message me directly to keep this forum thread on topic.


why dont u apply? oh right, u would bring cancer to the mentors.


Hi I am Jazz! Although you have not explicitly asked for a mentor, it has been deemed from watching you play and fail over the course of at least 30 eras that you are in desperate need of a mentor. I am willing to offer my services to you for a mere 1k reds, what a bargain!

Now you wouldn’t just pick me without reason, so here are my reasons.

  2. I can almost completely comprehend you, a trait that few have.
  3. I beat you on M1 last era, so you would have a bonafide champion helping you.

Hit me up!


Jazz, don’t you stab noobs for corn chips?


Ansih, a suggestion for you buddy.
Before @Alexander arrives and sees this BS, better remove it or else he will kick your ass up and down.


@Jazz - Do you even know what is 30 eras?
Or you just failed in elementary maths?

30 eras wtf
After break, I have max done 2-4


You can play more at one time.


Just a suggestion Anish, I think you need more edge. I mean this is some pretty average level attention seeking so far. I would honestly add a couple of fascist slogans, the kind of thing that gets the SJWs going you know. I’d really recommend Kaen as a mentor for this, he can really get you to that top tier.


I love your roasts Jamie, top notch


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