Bring Back The AANC!


With the new forum being launched and an in game update hopefully we will see more new people come to the game and some older ones return. Therefore i think the AANC or a similar system should be restarted. I’d happily help as a mentor.


I’m looking for someone who wants to take charge of this.

I’ll support it in any way I can. :slight_smile:

Similar to any other newb efforts by the way - we’ll also run a Maintenance Team recruitment drive in a week or so!


I would love to be apart of either team, I miss being involved outside of the game itself and I believe that helping new players come to love battledawn is very important.


Well i’m happy to help both mentor and Maintenance Team if you’ll have me. I’ll look out for the recruitment drive.


Thanks for the support Elcent! I’m sure we’ll be counting on your help soon!


I’ve been trying to do this for years.

I ended up just putting my skype in the old AANC forum post and I got quite a few noobs who just went straight to me.


YES YES! and the people who help must be on a profile 2 years or older, or either have 25+ achievements. The leader may also earn blues (not as much as one would earn when one wins) based on what place they finish or their ending stats.


I can help a little with that. I may be rusty but i can teach some cool tricks :slight_smile:


Yeah im down to help as a mentor or whatever u will use me for!


I’d be happy to help out in any way…

Count me in as a mentor or in the maintaince team


Hi @Alexander
I have sent you a message on skype.


Nice new forum guys.

I’d be happy to help, I don’t want to play active right now but if BD is trying to get back on its feet again I’ll do what I can.


Alex I sent a message about the AANC a week ago to you :stuck_out_tongue:

I would be eager to help in any way I can, mentor or maintnance.


ditto on teaching, and real teaching not that weird teaching turned FTW team from 2 e1s ago xD
and maintenance idk what that really is but if you give me an explanation im sure id be down for it


We had talked about this you and me! You know I’m down…


i am a noob, waht is AANC?


AANC - Adopt a newb center

All the new players in the game can get assigned to a certian experienced player who can teach them the game…


That great maybe i need a teacher i am a baby that need teacher


AANC isnt running now…
But it may come back soon… So just hang around in the forums and make friends here
Maybe you get to learn from them


maybe you’re right, little baby alien need to learn first