Bring back some of the new beta weapons such As the repair Drone

The repair drone should be given a new chance It should only be Legendary and Mythical and given Between 98 to 145 health


I don’t think they’ll ever put it back :confused:


They will not at them back if the player of the game don’t ask for it.
We need to show them that a lot of people went the drone back

I am a big fan of the game I have a friend who start playing during beta.
The game need upgrade he can become one of the top list game.
If we put effort all together we can make this game one of the best one.

If anyone has any suggestion please tell me.
I may send a message to the developer about idea of admin old and new weapons to the game.

There is a thread on this already, and No it will NEVER be added again.

Especially in the imbalance we call Reloaded. HP plates/Res Protectors would make this stupidly OP, especially if it heals 145 or more.


maybe. But the concept was still pretty good.
But can we make coiling or energy giving drone like support drone will be nice no?

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Honestly, if it heals only 145 hp at myth max level then would that drone have any use anyway?
For example against a physical mech using Void as drone.

Repair drone heals 145 hp.
Void deals 143-187 PysDmg and -5PysRes.
So Void would negate anything the repair drone does or deal even more damage.
Add to that Void reduces the opponent’s resistance every time by 5 so all following attacks by any physical weapon and Void itself will deal more and more damage while the opponent only heals its own mech.

In the end would the repair drone not be useless except for Campaign?


It’d likely be useful for campaign (barely at that). The whole concept of a healing drone in Reloaded is pointless and a waste of time.

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Lol no


But what about a drone that remove heat or gives energy?


How about a drone, which heal 200 HP, gives 100 energy and cooling down heat 100 every turn :question:


Great idea, please implement tomorrow devs :exclamation:




I mean a lot of mech have Problem with energy or Heat
In example of the healing drone we could make drone that remove heat or gives you energy.

I´ve got the best solution:

Repair Drone Reloaded:
Myth maxed

  • no energy cost
  • no heat created
  • heals 1000 HP per round
  • increases energy by 250
  • decreases heat by 250
  • increases all resistances by 25
  • weight: 10 kg (it does not deal any damage after all :wink: )

The perfect repair drone that everyone is satisfied with - even those who do not like the repair drone.

Well… there is one catch to this Repair Drone Reloaded:
It will be mythical rarity only.


Common the idea is not that bad no ?
Energy giving drone or heat remove drone

no , theyre bad

I see wot u did der

myths don’t drop in reloaded for anyone who doesn’t get it

Guy what kind of drone should they had next because they can be a lot of possibility balanced.
Give me idea because you think my idea are overpower.

nope,nope,nope sorry but nope
imagine that drone and a en mech or a phys