Bring back Relics on colony's!


What is your opinion on this?

What type of impact do you think this would have?

Do you think this would limit some of the problems?


Its Fine This Way.

But that 16k score. :yum:


I would LOVE to see relics reconnected with colonies honestly. But losing mobile relics also makes certain choke points extremely annoying if people abuse and camp wall. Granted, it’s still super annoying even if you use a relic to go around it :joy:


youre too obsessed with OC


Arent Mobile relics better ?? , u can always steal 1 and start a rebellion , but if they would be attached to colony, enemy might just relocate to their hive , raze all their network and u will never be able to reach them to delay the era.


Mobile relics make this game less competitive.

Having Relics on colony’s made wars happen.

It was more fun knowing you had to kill everyone to take first.


I wouldn’t say it MADE wars happen. It just kept dominating a round harder as everyone REALLY realized the ramifications of handing relics over. It usually meant handing over your best players to the enemy as there was no easy way to transfer. Which usually inclined people to fight instead of sacrifice.

It adds a totally different dynamic to diplomacy as you end up discussing mutual beneficial ending to era (who gets 1st, who gets 2nd, who gets individual top 10). And very often, discussions would break down and end up in war till end of era with not true winner.

To me, it doesn’t change that much except speed up the era. Players can’t hide them in ocean anymore, therefore, it doesn’t take 5 days just for the enemy to move a relic to grab the other ones.


going backward isnt the best solution honestly tweaking what we have is better the game PRETTY old ffs plus u forgot to mention that current relics drag eras make big wars happen plus a super nice target for giant agent fights
honestly if u think the game was more competitive just because the relics on colonies i doubt it its just the community changing overtime


To be honest I mulled this over and over for over a year. Originally I totally agreed –

Relics let you give the win. In the past there was a major cost, you lost everything you worked for in that era individually. Ouch. I like that, in a way. Prefer it, even. But only when people respond to it by fighting, rising up, going “screw it, let’s just try to win then!”.

…But, things changed since. Now you also want blues, I fear changing this system back under the current gameplay, wouldn’t do much. Relics though, look awesome. For us vets they’re dull, but anyone remembers their first time with a relic?


I do. It was amazing!

Perhaps a compromise could work? Say, if your colony is conquered, the relic shifts ownership?

Or maybe deletes and is re-created in a random position with units on it?

Wouldn’t address competition (different ideas on that end), but it could help with any frustrating delays Josh mentioned.

Edit: Could even counter this by returning a few relocation tricks, like making nukes hit units returning from a colony conquered, so you can choose to try winning a war for a lot of score.


My biggest issue with relics on colonies was how easy it was just to continually transfer the relics and keep them away from your enemy. It’s annoying enough having to deal with relics in the water nowadays, going back to the old strategy would be even worse.


Understandable, it’s just seems a bit dull now. I don’t think the tokens would really have to play in b/c we got resources instead of tokens.

But changing are a need to make players fight.

Right now all I see are vets coming back an rolling over worlds as well.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never liked the Idea of mobile relics…


I remember we were considering overhauling relics in general @Alexander
Want to perhaps revisit some of those ideas?


Please do.

Right now.


We should have a vote for this as well with world gates.