Bring back powerkits or anything like that

So there are some of us who managed to get rid of all legacy items ( like me ). After a while i dont have eneught items to upgrade my mythicals and the boxes in the shop rises everytime when i buy it. My idea is to bring back ultra powerkits or boxes that gives us kits. You get 2-5 kits, they should cost 7500k ( constantly ). You have a 50% chance to get a common 35% rare 12% epic and a 3% chance of a legendary kit. What do you guys think about that?

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Let’s summarize:

New version the above elements are useless. only serve to merge, but you lose the upgrade that these articles have
in the big boy campaign gives 2 epic weapons, to make tokens free is possible supersonic gives 3 tokens, the high cost of the fusion generates problems

some days after…

time limit for inventory, now big boy only gives 1 single epic weapon, follow the high costs of merger, it becomes more difficult to obtain gold for the merger, there appear hackers of the past version which tactisoft can not eliminate them. supersonic continues to give 3T but in fewer opportunities.

days later…

the time limit is over, and still can not solve the problem because of the high costs of fusion, the boxes cost 75T but nothing comes out in the boxes you need to open many boxes to get with much luck, bigboy now does not give epic junk boxes that do not serve almost anything, now supersonic gives nothing does not serve does not work,

the question is:

What is objective?
Do you want the game to disappear?

if you know that many old players have abandoned the game
and that new players have no option of being competitive because of the difficulty of getting items, so what do you guys want? want to become a single payment game? pay to play without guarantees, they do not even make a gun guide all play blind, at the initiative of some have tried to do as a guide (they are doing their job) I think the tactisoft bet is that this game is over, I think are discouraging players, generating desertion and abandonment of the game, for new players it is impossible to achieve something and thus justify that the game is closed forever.

I invite ssundee, and other youtubers to evaluate this version, and give us your opinion about this game today, (ssundee already know in its previous version, see what will be your opinion today of all changes)


I dont like kit at all. In past kit was exist but free kit had less power than token kit.