Bring back old shop


I am currently level 30 and I literally have no way to get that teleport which weighs 1kg and it is necessary for my build.
I have all the mythicals needed and i cannot use my build properly :rage:


Don’t think this needs to be elaborated further. We need the old shop back. Bring it back.




I told em a billion times and they said multiple times no. They need to add access to low level items. Its not just 1 kg TPs, also shields, several light push and 2 range weapons, certain modules, charges, etc. And of course the ability to buy that one item you need without having to buy 100-200 boxes to get.


But yes 1 KG TPs are a staple item of any mech. It really hurts newer players that cant get em.
It also is extremely unfair to new players especially aspiring top players who are basically fcked. And older players have all sorts of low level goodies. Not fair at all.


What it is possible to do, when you are low level, to open much boxes to get them there, the sad thing is, that they dont know that when they are new, so they just will recognise their error when they really need 1kg teleports. :sweat:


Exatctly. this is what happened to me.


I hope that trading will be implemented, but just for low level items, so we can farm then easily, putting ~1000 Tokens on the alternative account, and then get the items… :blush:


Orrrrr… we could bring back the old shop.

: - )


I would rather @HappyPoppers´s toiletship than the old shop… :slight_smile:


But the Toiletship is a fictional story…

It doesn’t exist. :wink:


No it exists! :stuck_out_tongue:


…well played. (Post must be 20 characters so…)


Fake… all photoshopped.

Isn’t that right @HappyPoppers ?



That was neighbors ship but i pirate that ship and burn it to the ground :slight_smile:


Again Fluxeon was wrong… :slight_smile:
High Five @HappyPoppers!


All photoshopped! :slight_smile:


old shop with new updates will be cool


No, bad idea. :joy: :joy: :joy:


Why you don’t want the shop back? :stuck_out_tongue:


It wont never get added back so… :smiley: