Bring back mythical boxs in shop

I think we should bring back mythical boxs in the shop because I need more


because WE need more


Considering the new system of items, it would be broken…but increasing the % of getting legendary is a good alternative ^^ (legendary is kind of the Reloaded’s Myths…)


I did not want to publish something but as always I like to give my personal opinion … Well if they all know that they want the game to be more difficult not like before you could get legendary and mythic like hot bread so with this update it is much more difficult and not It is a good idea to implement a mythical box even though we all think it is a great but great idea! no it is not, but as YGGM [quote=“YGGM, post:3, topic:9904”]
aumentar el% de obtener legendario es una buena alternativa

This is a good idea because you would get a little easier, but the mythical box is a very bad idea because …

But friend I give you a good news and some ways to get mythic much easier! if you get many common rare items and some epics you can create many legendary ones that if in due time and with enough money [quote=“FiringBot, post:2, topic:9904”]
NOSOTROS necesitamos más

If it is friend we need mythical but there is another way to get legendary to create myths much easier I present to you … If you execute well with this manual you can get miticas like hot bread. Believe me, a friend got a mitico in 2 days … but good this is my way of thinking I hope you take samples from the manual and so you can get mythic without having to need a mythical box :smiley:

Renewal of the economist’s manual in a moment

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si es verdad todos necesitamos miticos de nuevo conseguir legendarias y los 100000 esta muy duro por otra parte si costaria ya que por ser modo beta todo cambia pero bueno

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Maybe not approve because many players will not gonna pla any more if they have the item that their been dreaming they might stop on playing super mechs in fact SM is done

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Lol, no.

I think this is a bad idea because people would just buy tokens or gold (depends if the box cost tokens or gold) using real money then just buy many mythical items while the other people work hard to get 5 legendary items then turn another legendary item into a mythical item. It’s basically cheating (in my opinion). It really is a bad idea.


That’s a big No.No maybe inlarg the chance to have a legendary in fortune box!!


Ya I agree with you I like that idea