Bring back more 12 man worlds


Title says it all thank you. :hugging:


Which worlds would you like to see as 12 mans? :slight_smile:


I think what we need is variation :slight_smile:, make some worlds have larger sizes like 12, and have others with smaller numbers. E3 4 man is a blast, but so is E3 12 man etc.


M3 :slight_smile:


Suggestions would be welcome.

Keep in mind though that worlds have their own little communities we’d rather not disturb too much if they don’t want it. :slight_smile:


Never seen a small team fantasy world, that’d be interesting


…F1 and F5? noob


Lol. People can’t get full teams easily.
Mostly 4 good players and bring rest in just to get good players.
A custom world would be better.
#Custom M3


Make mars 3 “bigger map 12 man team” And all earths should be 12 man unless you’re doing your silly events.


Then also add draft event in the equation , cause otherwise there wont be a lot of competition there.If there is draft event 12man world it would be easy to bring 4 good teams and fight it out.


Greeny, cant u see BD is in population crisis?


No draft it isn’t hard getting 12 players to play on a team. Should be easy if you have the right people added.


Greeny isn’t in a population crisis :smiley:


thats my boy! bring back my m3 :frowning: wtf dont ruin it with a custom. you cant just take a mans home than ruin it.


Oi custom makes your home more fun


hmm you have a point, but most custom worlds can lose the fun very quickly, plus it wont feel the same. But if this is what it takes to bring back m3, than so be it. :smiley: where do i sign up to be admin of it :smiley:


You can’t be Admin.
You’ll keep reking T for the lulz.
Or maybe you could…Alex?


Seriously need to make a poll for this


No I just want M3 back :stuck_out_tongue: but OC M3


I would love to see E3 12 man :slight_smile: