Bring back M3 as a 4 tick per hour world


M3 was removed from the game over a year ago now with lack of interest cited as the reason. Mars in general had a certain lack of interest so admins made the mars world more nuanced than fantasy and earth eras for example M2’s player per alliance count changes per era which is the reason for it’s current popularity. People like different and I think that making M3 a 4 ticker is enough difference to create interest.

I know that 4 tickers were a thing I saw one on galaxy once but never on .com I think a that if M3 were to come back as a 4 ticker then it would satisfy the nuance condition that the admins need to get people to play mars and if that isn’t enough you could add a further alliance limit.

  • Good idea I would play this
  • Good idea but I wouldn’t play it
  • Bad idea.

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Made a new poll to allow voting for a 3 ticker :slight_smile:

Bring Mars 3 back as:

  • 3 ticker
  • 4 ticker
  • 3 or 4 ticker
  • Don’t bring it back

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My point was to add M3 with a nuanced component that other eras don’t have so that people might play it.

I feel like if you just re added it as a 3 ticker with 5 players per alliance or something then it would be too much like M2 and wouldn’t gain enough traction. That said I would still play it.

You should add an option i don’t care how many ticks per hour I would still play or something like that.


Caught the poll just in time to add that option :slight_smile:


The reason they got rid of some worlds was because the last few eras had been devoid of competition with usually one established team dominating. Believe @trajic1 was at fault for M3… :thinking:


If I remember how things were correctly E1 (and E2 mabye) was more dead than M3 was for awhile, it wasn’t until a couple of good E1 eras happened that that world wasn’t dead, but you can’t ever get rid of E1. Also Simmen left so I’d rather have inactive Joe on 7 worlds than 8

I do miss M3 tho, first world I ever played :blush:


It would be fun having a 3-4 tick Mars world back.
More tight action and the era’s will proceed very quickly.
And we could have Josh Admin the world since he is only supervising Galaxy


idk what youre all on about, m3 was always fun lol. @Zealot dont blame me :frowning: I didnt get the chance to play the last few eras. They took it away from me whilst I quit BD for good.

I voted do not bring it back because I want to quit, unless in finally get what was promised to me, and I become admin of it :slight_smile:


I voted as 3 ticker and please bring it back. @trajic1 owned M3 back in the day cuz I had never played there.


lucky you didn’t, else you wouldn’t have the reputation you have now. Be smart like dz and stick to e3. OwK suck.


Well, think better about it. We can suck together in ur homeland. T of OwK is the best.


I will be admin of m3, lucky for you. Psi of T is better


Hey comeone now we aint forgetting about SWAT & POB as they also had some good wars and won it a few times , where is ketan he will vouch for it :slight_smile:


lol first of all i was SWAT minister of war for years, and when i left they tried many many times to beat us. Now go away bane, stick to playing with youssefkh and getting bulied by dane in m2 :stuck_out_tongue:


I think they should bring it back as a custom world, like F5 used to be. I mean the only way I’d come back to BD is for a 6 ticker small alliance sized mars world. 2 weeks of 24 hours activity in a chaotic war filled map and the era is over, don’t need to ruin months of life over this shit again


I would opt for a 12 ticker, then, since no one can be active for more than 24hrs.

And it would be over in 1 week


A crazy tick speed server maybe 4 or 6 should definitely be introduced only for Summers.
It would surely attract a lot of players, but again issue arises if the servers could handle the tick speed.


I agree , even 30 mins of server issue will cost 3 ticks every day . I think the server is down for 1-1.5 hrs every day, or maybe I’m wrong u haven’t played for sometime. So it means 9-10 ticks will be lost every day


Yeah we never had that problem in kong


The servers are top notch. Its other things that effect the maintenance however I know Alex is keeping an eye on things. If the game goes down make sure to report it via the poll. The more people report the better.