Bring back lost arena coins

After watching premium ADV, I get it blocked at “please wait” window (the one appears between ADV vid and the moment u get prize x2 increased).
I wait like w8ing 7/8 mins before close and re open app, but after it the 3 additional coins weren’t added.
Is there anyway to bring back lost arena coins??

Can I send a report/mail anyone?

I.m at 7th pvp rank. I’m getting 5 coins or 8 coins(ADV) each win.
It’s not a graphic bug.
As I told I close and open app, but no 3 more coins were added.
I just made 1st daily pvp win and the 3 coins still missing.

Yesterday I was at 82 coins, I was supposed to get it at 90 (82+8), but I got 82+5=87.
Today I was 87 coins, I made a win hoping it was a bug unlocking the 3 missing coins. I won, watched ADV vid and got the +8 coins; but i’m at 95 coins now. I’m still missing the 3 old arena coins(which is supposed to be 90+8).

I explain u all my problems. I hope any mod,GM, or any relevant staff member can help me solve this issue.

Greeting, ancy

PS: it’s not 1st time I got this bug. But I wasn’t sure about it till now.

It sounds like your having ad issues on your computer super mechs can’t give every player prizes for watching ads forever and I think if you’ve gotten prizes before the game doesn’t want to give you any more for a while. If you keep logging in watching an ad logging out logging back in wathing an ad ect. If the game let you do that forever then people would be gettting hundereds of tokens. That’s probably why your not getting tokens. If you log on another device it should fix the problem.

[quote=“SwiftTerminator, post:3, topic:14466”] If the game let you do that forever then people would be gettting hundereds of tokens.

U can get at max 5 coin rewards x day. But u don’t get my point.
I’m ok to limit advertisements advantages. But i’m not ok to get it bugged at sencond ADV vid watching of day. They ruining my efforts.

Oh you can’t watch any ads. Make sure your ad blocker is disabled on the site if that deosn’t work try switchis browsers.

(I play game using smartphone)

Since I started play SM.
(At morning 1st daily time access) I used to watch token/card ADVs as 1st move, than I used to drain energy.
If energy was already full. I used to do 1 mission, watch tooken/card ADVs, than drain energy.

Since they added arena coin system, i’m watching 1st arena coin ADV after wins.
Than I move to token-> card. AdV section.

Cause we might get an ADV bonus block after several watched vids. So I prefer farm coins->T-> Cards.

Now comes what i’m saying.
I’m asking to have a system to bring back lost arena coins when user is not in “wrong position”.
Like I was (I couldn’t get adv block, cuz it was 2nd/3rd vid of day (I didn’t watch any T/Card since i woke up)).

Why should I/we get penalizzed when the issue comes by game or game system or uncorrect game code/controls?

(I’m using smartphone’s app)
This morning i got 1 more ADV vid error…
I watched ADV premium video after 1st daily arena win to get increased ArenaCoin prize, but i got “no more bonus prize available” message.
Even it was 1st video of day;
Even i didn’t watch any video yesterday night before go sleep.(usually before i go sleep i use to drain/watch all the token/card videos).

I’m ask u staff/DEVs/etc to fix it asap. Because ADV system working randomly, it’s not working following specific rules.

I won’t let you watch ads probably because it thinks you’ve watched two many It’ll probably be a month or so before it let’s you watch ads again.

About my personal short SM experience (2 months life time). game system allows me to watch bonus token/card ADV like 2/3 times x day.

The ADV counter gets a reset each 5~8 hours.

I mean i’m able watch 4 token bonus vids 2/3 times x day.
The same working on card bonus ADV section, i can watch 5~8 bonus card video 2/3 times each day.