Bring back legacy items!


Legacy items arern’t bad at all.I don’t even se a reason to remove old items!You should bring them back!!!

  • Yes, you should bring them back
  • No,they are bad,don’t bring them back

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i think its too late now. i’ve tried getting them back but it was shot down with “most players that had legacy items already got rid of them”


I will soon make a post with some legacy items.I also have an acc with legacy items.


they want more money for battledawn
theres ur reason
btw i think remakes of legacy items are cool too (not all but some of them are good)


I didn’t get rid of em…not every at least…

I’m a phys mech, so I kept Metal Bender until I got Desert Fury (and MB is still usefull against energy mechs, dunno if it’s the same for DF…^^) as exemple…




Could you send me pictures of your legacy items please?


Wait a bit, I did a topic about legacy myths items…I could add with the few legendary I kept too ^^


37 repair against more than 200 dmg feels more like a dead weight now buddy
the only good items to keep were
2 uses grappling charge and teleport
1Kg teleport
i know its hard
it was hard for me too
they trashed my 3 torsos & new yoshimo sucks
but keep playing & probably u can get a nice mech and u like the game more
personally i think game is better now
but it still need more


The healing drone was my favorite, but is gone now. :cry:





+those pictures (the multi resistance module on the Yoshimo mechs is not a legacy item ^^)


Look at my another topic about legacy items.


I remember those… I always wanted Yoshimo torso but is gone…


Those swords are beautiful…


There is still Archimond legendary to myth torso in Reloaded, but it’s a really bad item…


Have you seen my new topic about legacy items?