Bring back Havoc Events


These used to be brilliant back when I first started playing Battle Dawn and used to give the newer players a chance to take relics and all sorts. For example, release 100 relics and whoever has the most after 100 ticks gets a small prize or 1st to conquer the admin.[poll public=true]

  • Yes - Havoc events are awesome/give a suggestion of an event below
  • No - Please leave reasons below


Ye, I agree Havoc is now boring, it feels exactly the same as non-havoc.

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I agree, havoc is great entertainment for those who are less skilled, I originally had lost interest in the game within the first day as I did not get to do anything and was simply overpowered, but I was lucky enough to plant right before havoc started and when it started I got really excited and got to capture relics and conquers and that excitement was what kept me going .


As much as I would love to see havoc events return, I do see the problem.
BattleDawn makes a large proportion of its income through Red Token purchases, and if worlds are restarted as quickly as possible the number of sales of tokens will increase. No one is going to spend money on a Havoc event, no matter how fun it is. And because Tacticsoft is a functioning company, Money has to be their primary focus.


Fun is also important, and we buy reds to have fun. :slight_smile:


It’s not our primary focus - but we do of course need income if we are to maintain and update this game.

I may be able to (in the long turn, not in a couple of weeks :stuck_out_tongue:) improve performance enough to enable more (big) havoc events if interest is high enough. Main reason we’re not very jumpy right now is because it may shut down actually running worlds.

I’ll see if I can look what can be done now too.

It depends a bit on player interest :slight_smile:


Would be good to learn beginners how to play, so they can experience and build a network within the community.


Generally Havocs are supposed to last around a day…

It was like that before and all the newbs used to have fun in havoc , maybe learn a new thing about the game too…


I remembered when I played my first havoc, I was so happy and started conquering an entire sector and claimed it as my own. Lol


I learnt alot about the game from their
if im correct there were Ops/camps with Crystals on them
Over 10 relics in the map

Also huge flow of resources which made me rush a HUGE army :grinning:


I agree with the Havoc Ideas,:grin:
And idk who but someone said that havoc will take too long and servers need to reset,well havoc take 2 or 3 days anyways,just put a time limit on the havoc event, lets say in 24 hours who ever gets most xtals wins etc
It makes the boring wait for start of new era a lot more fun and quicker
And the teams that died or were afraid of dying get to kill the top dogs without being afraid

Possible Havoc Events:
Xtal Hunt
Relic Hunt
Conquer Admin
Super Units and Garrisons/outposts
Kill A person
Kill the top team
Well theyre limitless :smiley:


These Havoc events were real

There was once a event (i dont remember when exactly)

But The Person with the MOST score at the end of HAVOC was rewarded Blue tokens :slight_smile:
We could bring that back right ?:slight_smile:

Let’s just give it some time and motivation, someone will bring it back.


It helps to teach game mechanics - I learnt about relics not by reading about them on the wiki, but by first capturing one during a havoc event.


More so, havoc wrecked havoc on the servers (i know! Ironic!!) due to the fact that there was so much going on. The worst case scenario being that a havoc round caused all servers to shut down. And for serious players, nothing is worse than the server crashing. Not because they don’t want the downtime (trust me, they do), but because they don’t know when it’ll come back on. So now they’re stuck checking into a game for hours because they had armies about to go into a battle and had every intention of turning and now they can’t. Causes a lot of unnecessary stress.

However, I will say, havoc did do a lot of help newer players have fun and learn more game mechanics. On top of this, most serious players will stop playing at havoc (because they spent months not sleeping to get the rank) which means newer players can thrive more.


but it attract new people, and make newb server


[quote=“Malicewolf, post:14, topic:110, full:true”]
More so, havoc wrecked havoc on the servers

Incase ya missed the memo @Malicewolf, Havoc is meant to cause havoc :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


Bringing this back up. I was going to make the topic myself but discourse cleverly told me that this was a ‘similar’ article!


@zealot, you got any Havoc event ideas?


Conquering the admin was always fun - if not that you could always get a team together for havoc events maybe - that have super units - and the objective for the world is to kill them? Idk, not many people would invest time in havoc but it is a way to have fun without being so serious :slight_smile:


i remember one of the e3s simen actually had an havoc where top 100 were placed in the water close to him and there was a win price for rank 1 alliance along with a price for the one who conquers the admin (simen)

also the resources help new players try out new stuff

thats how i learned the use of ions :smiley: :smile: