Bring back #comechs


uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas



U make my spider cry :frowning:


Damn I need to know what is going on in this picture I have been wondering and I am super curious @Xzyckon


Also I made a better version of this just for fun


It’s a loss meme


When you notice that Mech rape is going on in the bottom right…


It’s a loss meme ffs



I know this is late but… I really need to know what is going on in that “loss meme”

I have literally been wondering for 6 fukin months, and I still can’t think of what it is

I believe I am going to lose my sanity unless you tell me


its on google

by ctrl alt del


Banging your head onto the wall will make you lose 150 calories an hour by the way


Since someone alrewady revived this thread a week ago I am just gonna dump this here.
Edit: Click the image to see the complete version. The forum cut it off. Click the complete image again to enlarge it to be able to read the bubbles.




not that good, but thats your opinion so :slight_smile:



Image result for comechs


What? I don’t get it. :joy: