Bring back color kits


Color kits were the only way we could make our mech the way we wanted.The only wsy to make it different than others and you just abruptly removed it without notice.Unacceptable add them back


bring back coloer kits


So true, my mech just looks retarted now because some parts have coloring from back then, and some don’t.


so they took out shop first and now colour kits , i dont like both the decisions , how are people supposed to design their favourite mech when they dont have the freedom to buy items or colour them. Should have kept them both.


The devs are adding back color kits. There must have been some error with the programming because they never were supposed to be removed and the devs are scratching their heads as to how to add them back.
The other thing is that they dont seem to want to add back the shop regardless. Its an objectively bad decision regarding the players. I understand it was removed to not confuse noobs, but without them being able to buy low level items like shields and teleports it will hurt them more in the long run.
Also a simple fix to this would have been to make the player unlock it at a certain level or rank instead of removing completely. This would fufill both agendas properly and without issue.


wish devs could answer your this very post in this very topic. I am curious what kind of words they will use to try to calm down ppl :slight_smile:


They already said it many times. They basically said "Colors were removed by accident blah blah blah will be added back in a later update blah blah blah be patient u smelly scrubs blah blah alexander’s corgi is loose blah blah blah"
Something along those lines. I wouldnt even bother tagging the devs/admins/Sarah because its honestly a waste of time and they’ll just repeat what i said.


I still wondering how the old shop confuse new players ._.


I got to admit that,color kits,were able to show to the other our personnality
so please bring colour kits back!


Sad that color kits haven’t been added back yet. This has been going on for what… 5, 6 months now? PFFFFTTT


I’d enjoy added color to our Mechs.


They’re not bringing them back. Their too stupid to even know how to.