Brightroar or StormWeaver

I have BR and SW. i need help, what is good?

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whats the states need a pic

Two totally different weapons, u cant compare them…

They’re both energy weapons…You CAN compare them. And imo, StormWeaver over Brightroar (if you don’t have anything better).


if you want to get CQC AND you have ebough spare weight, or both, BR to close the distance, and SW to deal mass damages and push back the opponent

Not the best way to go on an energy mech.
CQC gets you in the anihilation teritory. And you dont wanna trade shot with them. Specialy since you will have a 300-600 hp disadvantage since you need 3+energy engines to actualy fight other energy mechs.
My suggestion go for stormweaver and pair it with lastwords/bunkershell and malice beam for an energy build.
It can work on the heat variants of it heronmark and terrorblade… but not against 200+cooldown mechs.

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Go for StormWeaver. I was a dual Anni- for a short time and hated this weapon. . . Super solid damage when drained.

It was scary enough for me to walk to range 2 instead of jump to range 1. . .

Stormweaver,then use last words