Bragger <at least 15 characters>

Sometimes a little bit of bragging is good for your health…

I would like you to pay attention to 3 things:

  1. Who is on the first spot.
  2. Who is on the second spot, perhaps for the first time in months…
  3. And who is on the third spot, definitely first time in years…
    I am the Master of the universe! Do you like my haircut?

    P.S. This was one of the very first action hero movies in Poland in communist times, I was a shiteater in early 80’s, and whenever He-Man appeared on the screen of my TV set, which looked like this:

    Notice the poor layout of LEDs and Surround sound equipment inside:

    I used to go crazy and imagine myself fighting the Skeleton… Great times, I wish I could turn back time…

I just remember the meme of that guy ._. Btw congrats :slight_smile:

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Hey bragging is not nice :confused:

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Id only brag if i get a decent anime bodypillow


One made of the 14th element of the periodic table?

Hey! Looks like all that grinding is paying off. :slight_smile:

If it raises of rank anyone has to be some day in the top of the best players anyone has the right to be a time in the top of the best players



Since you watch and love anime does that mean you have a girlfriend or no?

I’m only 14, I care about my education more than relationship. I’ll find a gf after I get a good job(prob around 30)

i don’t think he even relises that 3d girls exist, according to him 2d girls are the only thing

the only thing he’ll be seeing in the future is his psychiatrist.

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um and also you said you turned fourteen in december

Not december yet :slight_smile:

i know so you are not 14?

Yep, only 13 for now

same i turn fourteen in two months

Yikes I didn’t know you were so young sorry for even asking. :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face:

hey @oliboy23 yall are the same age awww

i know

i will tell you a story i have a friend his name is Finn he is 5 days older than me

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also he has a lot of growing up to do so do you lil boi :slight_smile: