Boxes or Portals for a noob?

Hey ya’ll, just started a few days ago and was wondering if i should be saving for Portals (haven’t seen one yet) or opening boxes. I understand Portals are the way to go later on, but should i open boxes until i get a decent set up with epics/legendaries? Also, how exactly do these Portals work and how often do they show up?

Thanks in advance for any help

Boxes + Faring normal campaign is the way to go if you are too weak to farm a portal.
Save up your raid tokens for box sales, which happens once a month.


Portals show up every thursday or so and last for two days.
Buying boxes with tokens is bad value and portals have way better value, but if you dont have the necessasry items to complete it portals are useless.
Try to build a coherent mech build capable of being upgraded to myth, then upgrade it and farm portal, you can auto easy with one myth, and with myth torso+weapon you can do hard.
If you dont have the items to build a mech then buy a few boxes during sale. Once you can farm portal then forget it.

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sounds like i may be past the point where the premium boxes are useful, i just completed the first campaign on normal difficulty and am halfway through it on hard. I’m assuming that means i could at least beat a Portal on normal difficulty (hopefully lol) Thanks for the input folks

firstly, choose a mech type(heat would be great), but you can choose physicals and energy as well.concentrate on the items that go up to mythical.
Try not to choose more than one type(sometimes using more than one type is the best for a portal)
For easy mode -
as a physical mech, you need around 1200 hp, around 200 heat and energy.regen and cooling can also be around the 80s. For the weapons, you need to cover most ranges, and have at least one mythical weapon in level 35 and above.Easy peasy.
For energy, over 1000 hp,around 200 heat and 250 energy would be good.At least 1 myth mass drainer weapon will be nice.
For a heat, around 1000hp,300+heat,200 energy.Use mass heating weapons and a heat bomb at legendary max and you will be fine.

In hard mode though, you need tactics.The best way is energy or heat, and you can do it on autobot.

For now,get to rank 11 or so, and then farm easy mode.Till then, dont waste too much on the packs,unless you are buying more than 10 at a time(I used to buy like 2 every week and didn’t get anything.One day i bought 18-19 or so, and got 4 legendaries from it)

Once you are able to settle down in rank 9,hard mode shouldn’t be a problem.

DON’t do insane, not worth it.


You’re awesome Kath, that helps a million! Seems my HP/energy/heat are just a little under the threshold but that makes sense since i prioritized weapon upgrading. I’m going physical spec, using BackBreaker, Nightfall, 2 Terror Cry and a Reckless Beam (in case they’re out of range for my other weapons)

No mythics so far but I’m close, my Legendaries so far are the Platinum Grappling Hook, BackBreaker and Nightfall. Torso and Legs are legendary but they’re crap, just came with a beginner $5 bot and i’m using them till the weapons are upgraded more. Also haven’t seen any of the suggested physical torso’s drop yet, but I do have some Iron Boots i think should do well enough once they’re upgraded

Avoid spending lots of tokens on portals until you can reliably (i.e. auto) beat them on hard every time (it’s fair to build specifically for the portal for these purposes.) Real value in portals is how legendary items can be found in mix boxes on hard and up (and also all the boost points you get from copious epics.)

Before this point, buy premium packs during sales and just continue grinding and upgrading.