Boxes on sale, purple everywhere :D

3 bigbox… Still no Heat Sword or V.S.

Legendary shield is OK :smiley:


Multy and rolling are good items.but 600+ tokens for getring those…hm


Help me,energy items wants me back.


Join us, join us, join the Dark side. Shock em all, destroy em all, break em all.

Although, SGH has no practical use yet, get a Iron Hook or something, but it’s still strong.

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I’m a heat lad.

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But, you have Sparked Runners, the Pinnacle of Electricians, the most strongest energy legs ever seen from the Past and Then.

Just get Malice, Last Words, Ultrabright / EMP, Hysteria and FaceCancer :stuck_out_tongue:

You forgot that i have a claw.


You have no Push energy weapons yet, begone.

Also I know you have Phys coming up, Tip :

Physical can be Anti Energy (No heat mods) and Heat mech can be Anti Heat (No energy mods).

But for today, Physical is not so strong yet so keep Heat that way.

Ahm…i will myth phys.

Leave me be mate.

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Exactly, think for a second would ye’?

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I’ll just piss you off that’s all.

Kiddin,i’ll myth elc mechs in future.

Hi redaster how are you :3 you’re lucky x3

Tf is redaster?

You should’ve bought new paints instead jk

That multi res alone is worth 6500 tokens IMO, so well done!

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Almost fine… Another 10 days and big working time is over for a few weeks :slight_smile:

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You realize that the maximum protector is the best item in the game, right?

No it’s not

I say Mighty Protector

I feel you bro, I feel you.

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Like paint will shoot my enemy for sure :smiley: