Box Drops (Yep, this again)

So can we revisit this issue with boxes. (The section choice is so they’d get the bloody idea to fix it).

Like since fuel was nerfed, box drops got even worse. And I get that this “XP update” kinda helped with it since you could endlessly farm for 40-50-ish levels.

But once it slows down, you’re faced with the fuel (even at 66) being wasted when boxes don’t drop.

Like can we at least get a guaranteed box drop? Like seriously, it’s hard enough to farm without needing to refuel a billion times (wasted since boxes don’t drop for tons of those runs).

It’s bad enough we deal with retarded amounts of RNG, we shouldn’t need to deal with boxes not dropping. 2 months ago (give or take) when I joined. It felt balanced in my honest opinion. You wouldn’t feel like you’re wasting time (and fuel) trying to farm enough mats to upgrade items and max them out.

Now it’s the opposite, and I’m not saying to make it easy as hell to get tons of myths and shit. No, I just don’t want to feel like I’m wasting my time (and fuel) grinding just to recieve nothing.

It’s gotten me to think about quitting, TWO MONTHS IN. And I know others would agree how terrible these drop rates are. I don’t want to hear a single thing from people that defend these types of changes.


Whenever you see my ape-ish avatar you might be certain I am going to add my couple of words… and yes, usually to criticize, because all the time TS nerfs, never buffs. So I am glad to read your perspective to know I am not the only one to complain. But as you probably know, nothing will be done in this area ("we never change droprates, and BB did not drop legendaries at all — big LOL”). Try to employ my attitude. Stop giving shit about anything in this game. Get banned for a little time, it helps a lot… Frankly, this ban was the best Christmas gift TS could give me. Now I am a different player. With not a single shit given, TAKE CARE!


I think, I might actually take this kind of advice for once. Nothing good is being done to help/save the game. Hell, it’s going further down the sinkhole.

Thanks for the advice mate lmao

Well, I keep playing against insane Ramboy, and I get 8 boxes out of 10 matches.

Playing on harder missions on insane doesn’t mean getting better drops…
I wonder why ._.

The fuel to reward ratio was better a month or so ago (at least for me). Then what felt like an overnight thing. It plummeted. The Reward to fuel usage ratio is shit now. Farming harder difficulties doesn;t improve your chances of getting items or anything good. It’s luck, this game needs to be real with itself on this bullshit. Same for these incompetent devs.